Onduline Onduline



Fondaline is a range of damp-proofing membranes providing effective solutions to vapour control problems, to create a healthy environment within the building. Fondaline tough, resilient studded membranes utilise the latest air gap technology, not only forming an effective barrier between the building and dampness, but also allowing for the efficient dispersal of vapour and ground water pressure across the total surface area.



• 20 year guarantee against degradation under normal conditions;
• Air gap technology equalises damp pressure, preventing the build up of destructive hydrostatic pressure;
• High tensile and compressive strength that resists damage through ground movements or during back filling of excavations;
• Increased ventilation to internal surfaces allows structure to dry out quickly;

• Increased sound and thermal insulation of walls and floors;
• Increased resistance to vibration transmission through the structure;
• Allows use of lined interior room surfaces in otherwise unsuitable environments;

• Easy to install - immediately effective;
• Can be fixed in any weather conditions;


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